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  • little sprouts career development
  • little sprouts career development
  • little sprouts career development
  • little sprouts career development

At Little Sprouts, we embrace a culture of learning at all ages. Little Sprouts believes in the power of professional development to strengthen our individual capabilities and our collective expertise.

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Free Training

Little Sprouts offers a wide variety of trainings free of charge to staff. Training topics range from education and curriculum to leadership development, and more!

Educational Reimbursement

All full-time staff members are eligible for tuition reimbursement benefits to help pursue your educational goals. Reimbursement amounts vary by tenure.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is an opportunity for deep growth and reflection upon an educator’s career path. Teachers that have demonstrated strong leadership skills within their classrooms and school communities are eligible to apply.

The Leadership Academy offers access to projects that will further cultivate professional development and could lead to promotions or different roles within the organization.


As an educator, administrator or Home Office team member, the Little Sprouts community values “feedback as a gift.” Coaching from a mentor or manager will support you in further developing or honing your skills.

As an educator, you will work closely with an Education Coach to uphold the integrity of the Little Sprouts curriculum. At each school, the Education Coach works to support teachers within their classrooms. Education Coaches offer ongoing development support to teachers through observations, modeling, and engaging in goal-directed conversations. Together, coaches and teachers plan teaching strategies to enhance children’s learning experiences.

Little Sprouts is an Equal Opportunity Employer.