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Employee Experience

Our employees feel appreciated, are clear on their responsibilities, and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Take a look at some of these key findings from a recent employee-wide survey we provided to our teachers.

Ms. Catherine

is a certified teacher who has spent her entire career at Little Sprouts. Hear why she’s never worked anywhere else and how a chance meeting on a playground cemented her belief that taking care of kids is so much more than a job.

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Ms. Karla

is a an education coach with more than a decade of service at Little Sprouts. Hear how she helps every child to see the good within themselves and every teacher feel at home in the classroom.

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Mr. Adam

is a certified teacher with almost a year of service at Little Sprouts. Hear how he leads by example and passes on the most important lessons that he learned from his mom.

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Ms. Lindsey

is a certified teacher with more than 5 years of service at Little Sprouts. Hear how she changed the course of her entire career to make room for more enthusiastic hugs, high-fives, and peace of mind.

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Ms. Susana

is a regional director with nearly 10 years of service at Little Sprouts. Hear how she's discovered her own potential by being seen, supported, and promoted across the organization.

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How are you?

A simple and powerful question, "How Are You?" is also the title of our regular micro-podcast featuring open and honest answers from our teachers and school directors.

Take a listen and let us know how you are when you schedule a call to learn more about enrollment or employment!